2015 camper info

Survival Guide

So, you registered and got the word that you are camping with us this year. Here’s a break down of what you need to do, expect, and be aware of.


1. Fill out the camper form and make a $40 payment through paypal to Or venmo Ian Nabal.

2. Let us know how much space you need for your crew/setup, and what you are bringing. Ex. RV’s, carports, art installations, canopies ect.

3. Purchase a case of champange, extra points if they are decorated.


Our camp fee is $40.

We keep the camp fees as low as possible, just to cover the very basic expenses of the camp. The money allows for transport of the various amenities and structures to the playa, to provide lighting and decorations for the camp, Ice and extra supplies for the bar, generator fuel etc…so for just a small contribution we try and make a lot happen.


We don’t do a meal service or community kitchen, but usually a couple kitchen setups tend to form throughout camp and be shared between groups of campers.

You are responsible for bringing your own food and water. Just easier that way..So we suggest 7-10 gallons per person, roughly 1.5 gallon per day.


We have a no tolerance MOOP policy. A few large trashcans will be placed around camp for the bar and camp moop. This is everyone’s shared responsibility and requires daily monitoring and attention in order for it to not be a problem during exodus. Help keep camp looking clean and sparkly.

Personal trash is your own responsibility and we ask that everyone leave with their share. PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Simple right?

We are looking into on-playa recycling/trash services to accommodate the large amount of recycling the bar produces.

bring if you have

– Large beverage cooler for orange juice (like the big orange sports team ones.)

– Lights, christmas lights, lanterns, lasers, party lights, whatever (Battery and solar lights are great.)

– Power cords and power strips.

– extra coolers to store ice for the bar.

– Tables, chairs and cool decorations.

– Carpets, sugs, and tarps.

– Extra gas.


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