The Bounce Mobile

The Bounce Mobile is an art car captained by playa veterans Jeff Peters and Toby Thiermann. Known for having one of the most powerful sound systems on the playa for much of the last decade, the Bounce Mobile is one of the best mobile party’s out there. For 2015 The Bounce Mobile is getting redesigned – with a new base rig, more audio power, and a new look – bounce with us.

Mimosa Bar

Our “one of a kind” spiral bar is our contribution to the community, where everyday at sunrise we live up to our name by gifting over 400 bottles of champagne throughout the week, serving custom recipes, decorated bottles, shenanigans and debauchery. Hosting the bar is always a rewarding experience and offers something new everyday.

This year the bar will be accompanied by our new 850sq ft shade structure, accompanied by mist and Beats

Sun Dome

Our 25′ dome is being revamped for 2015. New carpets, loungy furniture, shade, and a cuddle puddle will make it the perfect spot to recover from the night before and get a break from the sun.

Tea Lounge

Our wooden tea dome provides an intimate setting for tea, relaxation, and of course naps. Open to the camp and public as a shared space 24/7.

Champagne Lounge

We have a new 700+ Square Foot shade structure to provide a communal central camp.


We don’t have work shifts. schedules, or quiet hours, and we don’t like having a lot of rules. Our goal has always been to provide an awesome camping experience that is doable and affordable for all our friends and family. But of course we we count on every member to help make that possible. We provide the platform, and allow everyone to fill it with their own creativity and contributions. We will have a generator and trailer for transport of large community items. Here’s what we expect:

– Come early or stay late, help with setup and teardown.

– Welcoming and loving vibes throughout the camp and our guests.

– Always be on Moop Patrol.

– Every camper must supply 1 case of champagne, and leave with at least one bag of trash.


Have an idea, installation, addition, collaboration you want to bring to our camp?
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